Monday, February 16, 2015

The Original Diet Given To Man - Is It Effective?

Most may have no idea about an original diet. But there was an original diet designed for mankind? Yes, there was an original diet that was meant for mankind.The question that comes next is will that diet work for man now? We often think that something that is old if not effective. So, we turn to the new and innovative. How do we know that they new is better than the old? How can we be so sure? The only way that we can know that one is better than the other is by putting both to the test. Well, this couple Jeannie and Rudi Davis have done just that. What they have discovered is that although modern, the new diet that man now partakes of everyday has not given him what his body so desperately needs. That which the body needs is nutrition. The lack of nutrition will sap the body of it strength ( vital force) which will lead to sickness and disease. This is a very eye-opening discovery of the truth that needs to be told to a world that finds itself grasping for answer to a healthy life.
For more information and to see the amazing video just click on the word "Health Discoveries" under the picture below.