Friday, October 17, 2008

From Torture to a Happy Meal

It is utterly amazing what really goes on in our world today. What is also amazing is how animals are treated before they become food on our plates. If I told you what it took to get that burger to your plate, that steak to your grill or that fried chicken in the bucket before you you wouldn't believe me. If I told you that those mouth-watering pictures of meat dishes came at the expense of a tortured or diseased animal you would say come on dude, stop kidding me. Many animals are viciously treated so that many can have mouth-watering meat dishes to eat. You have seen the commercial of a family sitting down at a restaurant about to dive into a burger and fries. If they only knew how that burger got there they would probably push it away.

I don't share this with because I worship animals, because I don't. I don't share this with you because I think that every person in the world should stop eating meat. I share this with you because my love for animals and mankind. We need to let the producers of these meat processing companies know that they can do a lot better than this. They are using chicken and cows to feed humans. They are not preparing this food for brute beast. Ask yourself I a I a brute best? I'm sure you answer no to that question. Then why should you let people treat you like one? You deserve high quality food not a steroid injected diseased piece of meat before you when you sit down to eat with your family.

There are over 600,000 meat processing companies in the United States. How many do you think are conducting business like this. Is this acceptable to you? You watch the video then make your decision. Then tell me what is so happy about his meal?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hope For People With HIV/AIDS and Cancer

It appears that many believe that if you get HIV/AIDS or Cancer that there is no hope. Some people actually believe that it is the end of the world. I refuse to believe that. I'm a person that believe that there is something for every sickness or disease known to man. Recently, one of my friends was diagnose with breast cancer. She was told that she also might have liver cancer. At the time when I got the news I was researching a plant called Aloe or Aloe Vera. I believe that my findings gave her hope and it will give hope for all people with HIV/AIDS and Cancer.

While doing my research I found an article that talk about how Aloe or Aloe Vera helped this woman while she was taking chemotherapy. Most of us do not always believe what we read on the internet. But, when I read this I was amazed. I continued to research then I share some of the information with my friend with Breast Cancer. She immediately ordered The Aloe Juice from the company that I was recommended. You see some of these companies that sell Aloe Juice they water it down. It's sad but, true that some of companies sell Aloe Vera Juice products that doesn't even contain any Aloe at all. This causes people to doubt that Aloe Vera Juice could ever do anything for them.

In my research I wanted to find a company that really sold a high quality Aloe Vera product. One day I stumbled upon this book called, "Aloe Vera A Mission Discovered" by Dr, Lee Rittner. In this book Dr, Lee Ritter searches out the companies that really sell high quality Aloe products. I wrote my friend that was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I told her about what I had learned. She order the juice from Dr. Ritter recommended company. I didn't hear from her for a while. It was about 2-3 weeks later when I heard from her. She was so excited. She said that she had been taking the juice and that she also started chemotherapy.

One of the alternatives when a person gets Breast Cancer is to have one or both breast removed. But, little do they know that cancer is in the blood. So, when the breast or breast is removed the cancer is still present in the blood. The blood actually has to be cleansed for the cancer to be gone. The cancer cells are usually destroyed when a person recovers from Cancer. When the breasts are removed as a solution to get rid of the cancer many woman suffer from life long mental and physical scares. For my friend she didn't want to be cut on. I really didn't blame her. If you could see some of the scares left behind you would perhaps understand why.

So, my friend took the Aloe Juice. When we last spoke she told me that she has had more energy than she had in a while. She is able to go to work everyday. Normally, when a person takes chemotherapy they are always feeling tired and drained. She said with her this was not the case. When a person has Cancer or HIV/AIDS they're also some symptoms of tiredness,fainting,and pain. My friend said that she wasn't experiencing known of these symptoms at all. The people on her job couldn't believe it. The doctors are even baffled by this.

Aloe Vera helps the body to heal itself. It boost up the body immune systems and it seems to stimulate the organs in the body to function the way that they suppose to.This boosting of the immune system causes the body to fight off the disease or sickness.The human body should be naturally able to fight off many diseases if given proper nutrition. But, unfortunately much of the food that we buy is not of the highest quality. Diets that are high in meat, sugar, fats, oils, and enriched products weaken the body in the long run. My friend has been recharged because of what this Aloe Juice product has done for her. She now wants to tell the world. I hope that others who are in need will do as she has done. I also hope that they will get the results that she is getting.

Aloe Juice comes from the Aloe Plant which is part of the lily or the onion family. The lily or onion family also contain other plants that help us all daily. I'm sure you're familiar with garlic, onion and asparagus. They also belong to this family. For those that suffer from HIV/AIDS, according to the research that I have done there have been cases where those who have had full-blown AIDS have recovered fully after taking the Aloe Vera Juice. There is hope for all who are suffering from HIV/AIDS and Cancer.

For More Information:

You can call Dr. Lee Ritter or his staff at 1-800-331-1678

They will be glad to assist you.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

HIV/AIDS-This Could Have Been Your Child

Many are not affected by the pain when someone dies that is not close to them, nor when one contracts a life threatening disease. But, when is hits home there are tears and pain. Ultimately, there is devastation. Should we not feel that way for all who suffer? It really doesn't matter the age, color or creed. A life is a life . Have we become so desensitized to reality that we think that nothing like that could ever happen to us or our child. Well, my friends this could have been your child. Many young ladies are just trying sex for the first time and this is happening to them. In some cases there is just one partner. It doesn't take multi-partner to get HIV/AIDS.

For more information on Marvelyn Brown see

What would you do in a situation like this? What would you be able to tell your daughter or son? It is time that we realize that AIDS does not discriminate. It doesn't hesitate to steal joy out our lives. Whether it be because of carelessness or ignorance the effects of this disease causes havoc on the minds of those that it affects. The family of those affected are also touched in such a negative way that it is almost unreal.

In the video above and the video below we are allowed to see the reactions of those that have been affected.We can hear stories and learn a great deal. It's a harsh reality. What can we do to bring comfort to the hurting, the dying or those who have lost all hope. The key is education. We must learn about the disease. We must take precaution. We must be willing to be honest with ourselves. If someone gave me this disease how would I feel? Then ask yourself could I spread a disease like this and hurt the ones I love? Wow! What a thought! That's what we need to do. We need to think because this could have been your child.

Again, I ask the question what if one of the young ladies in the video was your child? What could you say to her that would give her the hope to live? What could you say to her so that she would let her know that you cared?

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Friday, August 29, 2008

HIV/AIDS-The truth and some amazing facts 2

The amazing truth about HIV/AIDS is that people are now living longer according to UNAIDS/WHO, 2008 Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic; July 2008.

Let’s look at some alarming statistics:

HIV/AIDS- 95% living with HIV/AIDS reside in low and middle income countries.

Globally-2.0 million children are living with HIV/AIDS.

370,000 new infections

270,000 deaths due to AIDS

15.0 millions AIDS orphans

6,000 children will become orphans today.

Deaths due to HIV annually worldwide 2001-1.7million

2007- 2.0million

People living with HIV/AIDS globally 2001-29.5 million

2007-33 million

Women represent half of all people living with HIV/AIDS

HIV is among the leading causes of death worldwide.

AIDS spending 1996-$300 million

2007-10 billion

HIV/AIDS spending is up and much more is needed. It has been estimated that 18 billion dollars is needed. The question has to ask is anybody getting rid of this thing? Is there an end in site? It was reported that 10 billion dollars was spent in 2007 can this amount of money continue to be spent. How much money was given or donated through concerts and benefits? Is this disease or any other disease that complicated that it be destroyed?

It’s time that we look at some other research and facts.

It has been known since 1987 that Aloe, the Aloe plant juice or a substance in the Aloe plant called acemannan has been effective against HIV/AIDS.

The result of Dr. Daniel pilot study showed that after given 1,000mg of acemannan for three months to 16 AIDS patients:

6 patients with advance cases of AIDS showed-20% improvement symptoms.

10 patients or the not so serious ill patients showed-71% improvement in symptoms.

(source: Medical World New 1987)

Some of these symptoms were fever, night sweats, diarrhea, and opportunistic infections. These symptoms were either eliminated or improved significantly.

Jim McPherson in his letter to Dr. Rittner reported that after being classified as having full-blown AIDS began taking whole Aloe-leaf concentrate at 1200mg. He took this along with other nutritional supplements. In September of 1992 his CD4 count was at 72. When he was tested in November it was up to 810. By the second week of December it had risen to 1092, many of his symptoms either were eliminated or improved.

In the early 1990’s, Maurice C. Kemp, Ph.D who was a visiting scientist at Texas A&M University at College Station along with colleagues at other facilities they began investigating a complex carbohydrate compound purified from the aloe vera plant.

According to Gene Charleton, chief science and medical writer at Texas A&M. The research team found that the compound - acemannan - interfered with HIV’s ability to reproduce in infected cells.

“The seventh healing benefit of aloe vera is that it has been known to help fight

aids. The acemannan in aloe with its antiviral properties has been effective in

fighting against HIV-1 and HIV positive individuals have shown to benefit from

taking aloe vera orally. Aloe has shown to be effective in fighting aids by working

to combat the virus and inhibit its replication”.

written by Laura K. Halik, expert author and internet marketer specializing in natural

products and solutions for a healthier, green life and environment.

(from her article, Aloe Vera: Top 7 benefits to enhance your life & your health)

“Internally, Aloe Vera is showing real promise in the fight against

AIDS, and that virus has become

undetectable in some patients who

used it on a regular basis, due to

its immune system stimulant properties.”

Dr. Jon Barron

Aloe is grown almost all over the world. It appears that it originated in Africa. Isn’t it strange that it seem like the disease HIV/AIDS got started in Africa? It also seem like more are being affected in Africa. Yet, the solution is right under their feet. The History of Aloe is deep as the root of the alfalfa herb. It not only appears help the body to heal itself against HIV/AIDS, but many other diseases. My next blog will cover some of the other diseases in detail in the future.

If this information has been helpful to you please feel free to send an email or donation.

HIV/AIDS-The truth and some amazing facts 1

Recently, I was doing some research and stumble upon this book in my library. It’s strange, but true that the cure for many of our ills can be found in front of our face. If we would just look hard enough we may find this to be true.

I have a heart for those that are suffering from disease, especially HIV/AIDS. Recently, I was going to take a walk to the park with some friends and I found this book on my shelf. It’s a book about Aloe.You may be saying what does Aloe have to do with HIV/AIDS?Aloe is a plant that is really incredible. It can do some wonderful things for the body. What was so amazing to me was that in this book by Dr. Lee Ritter points out several things in his research.

He points out that Aloe is a immune system booster. This should be helpful for those that are suffering from immune system diseases. HIV/AIDS is one of those diseases. I just would like to share these facts. When one of the person that contracted AIDS he was diagnosed with full blown AIDS. This particular individual CD4 count was at 72, that was in early September 1992. By early November after taking Aloe and other food supplements his CD4 count went up to 810. By the 2nd week in December his CD4 count was 1092. This is promising for those who have HIV/AIDS.

Aloe seem to help the body heal itself. Many of those who have used Aloe have had great results. This was not just found among those who had HIV/AIDS, but also among those who suffer from cancer and other diseases as well.

I will continue my research. If this information has help you please feel free to email me so that we can get more testimonies out. I want to help all that I can.

Let keep hope alive.

Will b. free1

Aloe-That Incredible Plant

Hi! Friends:

How are you doing? I hope that you are doing fine. I was recently doing some interesting research on a plant called Aloe. I have to share this with you. Please feel free to checkout these sites.

What type Aloe would I use? 100% whole-leaf Aloe by one of these companies AloeMaster, Forever Living, Aloe Nique ,Pur Aloe and #1 Aloe Laboratories. I am not associated with any of these companies. This is just a list of some of the companies that sell this amazing plant in its natural or close to natural form.

You can call Dr. Lee Ritter’s company 1-800-331-1678 who recommends the ALOE MASTER aloe product. You can see his website at :

Dr.Lee Ritter group is called Triputic. You can talk to the friendly staff who will answer all of your questions.

If this information has been helpful to you please feel free to send me a letter (snail mail), an email or make a donation if you like. Please do what you are impressed to do. We would love to share your testimonies with others all over the world. When a testimony is shared it's encouraging to those that are hurting, in pain or those who feel like just giving up on life.

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