Friday, August 29, 2008

HIV/AIDS-The truth and some amazing facts 1

Recently, I was doing some research and stumble upon this book in my library. It’s strange, but true that the cure for many of our ills can be found in front of our face. If we would just look hard enough we may find this to be true.

I have a heart for those that are suffering from disease, especially HIV/AIDS. Recently, I was going to take a walk to the park with some friends and I found this book on my shelf. It’s a book about Aloe.You may be saying what does Aloe have to do with HIV/AIDS?Aloe is a plant that is really incredible. It can do some wonderful things for the body. What was so amazing to me was that in this book by Dr. Lee Ritter points out several things in his research.

He points out that Aloe is a immune system booster. This should be helpful for those that are suffering from immune system diseases. HIV/AIDS is one of those diseases. I just would like to share these facts. When one of the person that contracted AIDS he was diagnosed with full blown AIDS. This particular individual CD4 count was at 72, that was in early September 1992. By early November after taking Aloe and other food supplements his CD4 count went up to 810. By the 2nd week in December his CD4 count was 1092. This is promising for those who have HIV/AIDS.

Aloe seem to help the body heal itself. Many of those who have used Aloe have had great results. This was not just found among those who had HIV/AIDS, but also among those who suffer from cancer and other diseases as well.

I will continue my research. If this information has help you please feel free to email me so that we can get more testimonies out. I want to help all that I can.

Let keep hope alive.

Will b. free1

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