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HIV/AIDS-The truth and some amazing facts 2

The amazing truth about HIV/AIDS is that people are now living longer according to UNAIDS/WHO, 2008 Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic; July 2008.

Let’s look at some alarming statistics:

HIV/AIDS- 95% living with HIV/AIDS reside in low and middle income countries.

Globally-2.0 million children are living with HIV/AIDS.

370,000 new infections

270,000 deaths due to AIDS

15.0 millions AIDS orphans

6,000 children will become orphans today.

Deaths due to HIV annually worldwide 2001-1.7million

2007- 2.0million

People living with HIV/AIDS globally 2001-29.5 million

2007-33 million

Women represent half of all people living with HIV/AIDS

HIV is among the leading causes of death worldwide.

AIDS spending 1996-$300 million

2007-10 billion

HIV/AIDS spending is up and much more is needed. It has been estimated that 18 billion dollars is needed. The question has to ask is anybody getting rid of this thing? Is there an end in site? It was reported that 10 billion dollars was spent in 2007 can this amount of money continue to be spent. How much money was given or donated through concerts and benefits? Is this disease or any other disease that complicated that it be destroyed?

It’s time that we look at some other research and facts.

It has been known since 1987 that Aloe, the Aloe plant juice or a substance in the Aloe plant called acemannan has been effective against HIV/AIDS.

The result of Dr. Daniel pilot study showed that after given 1,000mg of acemannan for three months to 16 AIDS patients:

6 patients with advance cases of AIDS showed-20% improvement symptoms.

10 patients or the not so serious ill patients showed-71% improvement in symptoms.

(source: Medical World New 1987)

Some of these symptoms were fever, night sweats, diarrhea, and opportunistic infections. These symptoms were either eliminated or improved significantly.

Jim McPherson in his letter to Dr. Rittner reported that after being classified as having full-blown AIDS began taking whole Aloe-leaf concentrate at 1200mg. He took this along with other nutritional supplements. In September of 1992 his CD4 count was at 72. When he was tested in November it was up to 810. By the second week of December it had risen to 1092, many of his symptoms either were eliminated or improved.

In the early 1990’s, Maurice C. Kemp, Ph.D who was a visiting scientist at Texas A&M University at College Station along with colleagues at other facilities they began investigating a complex carbohydrate compound purified from the aloe vera plant.

According to Gene Charleton, chief science and medical writer at Texas A&M. The research team found that the compound - acemannan - interfered with HIV’s ability to reproduce in infected cells.

“The seventh healing benefit of aloe vera is that it has been known to help fight

aids. The acemannan in aloe with its antiviral properties has been effective in

fighting against HIV-1 and HIV positive individuals have shown to benefit from

taking aloe vera orally. Aloe has shown to be effective in fighting aids by working

to combat the virus and inhibit its replication”.

written by Laura K. Halik, expert author and internet marketer specializing in natural

products and solutions for a healthier, green life and environment.

(from her article, Aloe Vera: Top 7 benefits to enhance your life & your health)

“Internally, Aloe Vera is showing real promise in the fight against

AIDS, and that virus has become

undetectable in some patients who

used it on a regular basis, due to

its immune system stimulant properties.”

Dr. Jon Barron

Aloe is grown almost all over the world. It appears that it originated in Africa. Isn’t it strange that it seem like the disease HIV/AIDS got started in Africa? It also seem like more are being affected in Africa. Yet, the solution is right under their feet. The History of Aloe is deep as the root of the alfalfa herb. It not only appears help the body to heal itself against HIV/AIDS, but many other diseases. My next blog will cover some of the other diseases in detail in the future.

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