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A Diabetics Testimony

Type 2 Diabetes Part 1

Some years ago an experiment was conducted to see how fast a person could become a diabetic. This will actually shock some of you because when a person is called a diabetic or has sugar diabetes he or she automatically thinks that they should stop eating sugar. There is of course different types of sugar. So, some are confuse on what type of sugars they shouldn't eat. But, you must hear this when this experiment was conducted they found out that they could create a diabetic faster by feeding these little boys oil (fats) than sugar. Actually, a diabetic should be called a carbohydrate diabetic, even this term doesn't seem do it any justice. You see we play on words when we speak. Sugar can be sugar that is in the fruits, nuts, grains and vegetables. Then there's sugar that has been isolated from the fruit, grain, nut or vegetable. That latter is the problem. This is called refine sugar. What about the oil or fat. There is fat in fruits, nuts, grains and vegetables. The problem is the refined fat or fat extract out of the fruits, nuts, grains and vegetables. For example, Corn oil, vegetable oil, coconut oil, palm oil, canola oil, etc. Did you know that it takes about 9 feet of sugar cane to get 1 table spoon of sugar and 10-12 ears of corn to get 1 tablespoon of oil.

Would you sit down and eat 9 feet of sugar cane in one sitting? No way! What about eating 10-12 ears of corn in one sitting? No Way! We are eating these levels two and three times in one sitting. This is why our bodies are malfunctioning. It takes longer to process fat and also it overtaxes the pancreas. So, the statement made in the last article is correct.A low fat diet,plant food diet and exercise will reverse diabetes. The NEWSTART Program is a program that emphasizes lifestyle change. NEWSTART is a acronym for Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Air, Rest and Trust in Divine Power. In the next article I will attempt to dig a little dipper on individual parts of the NEWSTART Plan. If you have type 2 diabetes there is hope.

Type 2 Diabetes

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Type II Diabetes

Clarence S. Ing, MD, MPH
Good News for People with Type 2 Diabetes!

"Medical research confirms that up to 50% of people with Type 2 diabetes can eliminate diabetes risks and discontinue medication within three weeks by adopting a low-fat, plant food diet and regular daily exercise."
Anderson, JW and Ward, K: High Carbohydrate, High fiber diets for insulin-treated men with diabetes mellitus. Am J Clin Nutr, 1979; 32:2312-21.

Science Agrees... Tests confirm low-fat diet alone reversed type 2 diabetes in laboratory animals.

In a scientific study released on September 9, 1998, " . . . While doctors have long known that weight loss can control diabetes, this is the first scientific study to show that type 2 diabetes can be completely reversed in animals by cutting dietary fat. Moreover, the findings suggest that reducing fat, not just weight, is a primary mechanism behind the reversal."
Richard Surwit, PhD et al, September '98 Metabolism. Duke University

A concurrent program at Weimar's NEWSTART® Lifestyle Center, in which type 2 diabetes patients eat a low-fat diet and exercise daily, is experiencing a similar success in reversing diabetes. Many are completely off all insulin and medication with a normal blood sugar. Neuropathy has been reversed and renal function improved in many. Atherosclerosis, the big killer of people with diabetes, also responds favorably to the NEWSTART® program.

* 50% of people with type 2 diabetes have normal blood sugar without medication in as little as three weeks.
* 80% with diabetic neuropathy have no more pain in their feet and hands.
* Other benefits of working this plan include:
* 80% of men have normal blood pressure without medication.
* a 25% drop in cholesterol is common.
* a 35% increase in exercise capacity occurs.

Crane, MG and Sample, C: Regression of diabetic neuropathy with total vegetarian (vegan) diet. J Nutr Med 1994; 4:431-439.

Scientific research supports use of a low-fat, plant-based diet, plus exercise, in the prevention, treatment and reversal of type 2 diabetes.

The Atkins Diet, The Zone, Protein Power, Sugar Busters and the Stillman Diet all came under the attack of the Nutrition Committee of the American Heart Association (AHA) in a report in the October 9, 2001 issue of the journal Circulation (104:1869-74, 2001).1 For the full story, go to:

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Prevention of Type 2 Diambetes Mellitus by changes in Lifestyle NEJM 30Aug2001 Vol345#9

Diet, Lifestyle, and Risk of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Women NEJM 13Sept2001 Vol345#11 lead author F.B.Hu and others (this is the Harvard study otherwise called Diabetes Prevention Trial where they found lifestyle changes prevented DM2 by 58% within 3 years compared to "physiological medication" Metformin that prevented DM2 only 31%. Dr. Nathan, professsor of medicine at Harvard is quoted as saying "Lifestyle was significantly better than metformin, no question about it."

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dr. Hulda Clark Speaks

Dr. Hulda Clark speaks about health and disease.

The Smile Of A Warrior

I have been very busy this past week. But, I realize that some things are more important than others. The health of friends and family is of the utmost important to me. This week I have been working on a series of articles on diabetes. I believe in making things simple. I also believe that there is no room for mistakes when it comes down to helping others. When a Doctor makes a mistake lives are lost or weighed in the balance. One of the most devastating effects when a mistake is made is hope and confidence is scattered. Hope and confidence are aids to healing. The one who is sick and desire to get well must have the hope and confident attitude. It is true that those that have had hope die while trying to get well. But, so many have survived because of this hope and confidence that they have deep within. The confident attitude has a powerful effect on the body that medicine could never supply. This week I lost a friend. I think we all have lost a friend. Perhaps, many of us have never met him, but we remember him from his days in Oklahoma and in the NBA. He will be missed. We will miss his game, his music and his confidence. I think most of all we will miss his passion for life and his smile.

Monday, May 4, 2009

What Can I Do For Swine Flu?

The question that is now being asked around the world is'"what can I do to prevent Swine Flu"? The other question that is being asked is,"what can I do if I catch Swine Flu"? In the video above you will receive some helpful hints. I have to say that it's all about the immune system. The immune system must be boosted to prevent most diseases, if not all. One other factor is the ph balance of the body. The ph balance should be alkaline. Without getting to technical I'll just put it this way. Viruses will thrive in an acid environment. There are certain foods that we eat and drink that are high in acid. Theses foods are mainly denatured foods, with a few exceptions. What are denatured foods? These are foods that have been altered from their original state during processing, manufacturing or by other means. First, we must understand this there is acid then there's Acid. When we think of acid foods certain foods come to mind like lemons, limes, oranges or other citric fruits. These foods which contain citric acid," metabolize in the body to an alkaline ash". These citric foods are fine. It is the acid-forming foods which cause problems. I will attempt to break-down these food in several acid categories.

First, let's look at acetic acid. Vinegar contains acetic acid. What's wrong with vinegar? Vinegar "lessens the the alkaline reserve of the blood and tends to produce acidosis. Osis has to do with process or condition. Acidosis refers to an acid condition. In this case we are talking about an acid condition in the body. This is the condition that vinegar creates. Don't kill the messenger or the message. There is hope, vinegar can be substituted with lemon juice without the negative effects. The next acid that we are going to look at is Tannic acid. This acid "effect the mucous membrane of the digestive tract and especially the stomach".
It should also be noted that these acid foods, coffee, cocoa and some tea (mainly) caffeinated teas are culprits. Again, I must say don't kill the messenger. There are substitutes for coffee, cocoa and certain teas. Have you ever noticed that whatever you drink coffee it seems to effect your stomach and your breath? Whatever normally effects the stomach will effect the breath. Hmmmmmmmm.... Here are a list of substitutes that you may consider, roasted fruits, grains, herbs and nuts. I think that it would be best to give a few product names, Roma, Rostaroma,Teechino,Cafix, Pero and Postum. There are other that can be found in your local health store.

The last acid that will cause problem with boosting the immunity is oxalic acid.
This acid the body can not metabolize. To get rid of this acid it calls on the body to send out calcium. If there is no calcium in the reserves then the calcium will then come from the teeth and bones. What are some of the names of these foods? "Beet greens, parslane leaves, spinach, Swiss chard, rhubarb stems,cocoa, sorrel, black pepper,tea" are just some of the names of the oxalic acid foods. It is the caffeinated tea and processed teas that are also problems. Most of the items on this list can be substituted with a vegetable. Black Pepper can perhaps be replaced by Mrs. Dash herbal seasoning, Grain of Paradise or your homemade herbal/seed blend.

There are other factors that I have yet to mention about acid foods and denatured foods. Did you know that white rice, white flour,white noodles, etc are consider to be denatured foods? In most cases if it's white and it's not made from a potatoes then your might want to avoid it as much as possible. Most, if not all white rice, white flour, white noodles and white sugar has had most of the nutrient and fiber take out. Whole grain rices and flour are better for the immune system.

In conclusion, I must say with some alteration in the diet the immune system will be boosted. Some immune boosting foods that can assist the body in healing itself and prevent disease are Aloe Vera (Dr.Ritter), echinacea, pau d arco, garlic, onions, pineapple, broccoli, carrots,oranges, lemons, etc. There is one non-food item tha should also be considered in assist the body in healing itself and that is Dr. Hulda Clarks zapper.

Remember, there are laws that govern our being. Good whole foods,exercise,water, sunshine, temperance (don't over eat,or eat/drink that which is harmful), fresh air, proper sleep (7-8hour,preferably before 10pm) and trust in God.

Ex15:26 ..."if thou will diligently hearken to the voice of the Lord thy God, and wilt do that which is right in His sight, and give ear to His commandments, and keep all of His statues, I will put none of these diseases upon thee, which I have brought upon the Egyptians; for I am the Lord that health thee".

Until, next time don't forget, Let's Stay Healthy to(2).

Acid-forming foods: " The Missing Link In The Medical Curriculum" by Jay Milton Hoffman,Ph.D, P81-82

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Two Possible Solution For Your Medical Problems

I send this comment because I have a strong desire to help those who wish that things could be different in their lives. For some they wish that just for a moment and others wish that things could be different for a life time. I believe that God has put this desire in me for such a time as this. It's at a time when the world is in need hope, joy and healing. I'm going to get right to the point. I believe in miracles and I also believe that God has a remedy everything. I also believe that he as allowed some to remain in their uncomfortable state so that we may love them like he loves us.There are many that we look at as handicap, but if we look a little closer we would see how gifted and beautiful they are. To all who read this don't take my word for it God is still in the miracle working business. All true knowledge comes from Him. Although, surgeons take credit for what they know. It is only God who has reveal this knowledge that they have.

To all who read this I want you to realize that there are inexpensive remedies for every sickness and disease on the planet. I want you all to see what I see after years of research. These two things stand out as like to other in my personal research. I'm not a Doctor so I will let you hear what Doctors who have also researched this have to say.

From Aids to Seizures these two things have work consistently like no other.

The Zapper by Dr. Hilda Clark

Aloe Vera Juice by Dr. Lee Ritter

Please take some time and read and research for yourself. There are people in this world that love money so much that they would hide valuable truths from us preventing us from helping ourselves and our love ones. I'm just trying to help.

You can find out more online or at my blog site at