Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hope For People With HIV/AIDS and Cancer

It appears that many believe that if you get HIV/AIDS or Cancer that there is no hope. Some people actually believe that it is the end of the world. I refuse to believe that. I'm a person that believe that there is something for every sickness or disease known to man. Recently, one of my friends was diagnose with breast cancer. She was told that she also might have liver cancer. At the time when I got the news I was researching a plant called Aloe or Aloe Vera. I believe that my findings gave her hope and it will give hope for all people with HIV/AIDS and Cancer.

While doing my research I found an article that talk about how Aloe or Aloe Vera helped this woman while she was taking chemotherapy. Most of us do not always believe what we read on the internet. But, when I read this I was amazed. I continued to research then I share some of the information with my friend with Breast Cancer. She immediately ordered The Aloe Juice from the company that I was recommended. You see some of these companies that sell Aloe Juice they water it down. It's sad but, true that some of companies sell Aloe Vera Juice products that doesn't even contain any Aloe at all. This causes people to doubt that Aloe Vera Juice could ever do anything for them.

In my research I wanted to find a company that really sold a high quality Aloe Vera product. One day I stumbled upon this book called, "Aloe Vera A Mission Discovered" by Dr, Lee Rittner. In this book Dr, Lee Ritter searches out the companies that really sell high quality Aloe products. I wrote my friend that was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I told her about what I had learned. She order the juice from Dr. Ritter recommended company. I didn't hear from her for a while. It was about 2-3 weeks later when I heard from her. She was so excited. She said that she had been taking the juice and that she also started chemotherapy.

One of the alternatives when a person gets Breast Cancer is to have one or both breast removed. But, little do they know that cancer is in the blood. So, when the breast or breast is removed the cancer is still present in the blood. The blood actually has to be cleansed for the cancer to be gone. The cancer cells are usually destroyed when a person recovers from Cancer. When the breasts are removed as a solution to get rid of the cancer many woman suffer from life long mental and physical scares. For my friend she didn't want to be cut on. I really didn't blame her. If you could see some of the scares left behind you would perhaps understand why.

So, my friend took the Aloe Juice. When we last spoke she told me that she has had more energy than she had in a while. She is able to go to work everyday. Normally, when a person takes chemotherapy they are always feeling tired and drained. She said with her this was not the case. When a person has Cancer or HIV/AIDS they're also some symptoms of tiredness,fainting,and pain. My friend said that she wasn't experiencing known of these symptoms at all. The people on her job couldn't believe it. The doctors are even baffled by this.

Aloe Vera helps the body to heal itself. It boost up the body immune systems and it seems to stimulate the organs in the body to function the way that they suppose to.This boosting of the immune system causes the body to fight off the disease or sickness.The human body should be naturally able to fight off many diseases if given proper nutrition. But, unfortunately much of the food that we buy is not of the highest quality. Diets that are high in meat, sugar, fats, oils, and enriched products weaken the body in the long run. My friend has been recharged because of what this Aloe Juice product has done for her. She now wants to tell the world. I hope that others who are in need will do as she has done. I also hope that they will get the results that she is getting.

Aloe Juice comes from the Aloe Plant which is part of the lily or the onion family. The lily or onion family also contain other plants that help us all daily. I'm sure you're familiar with garlic, onion and asparagus. They also belong to this family. For those that suffer from HIV/AIDS, according to the research that I have done there have been cases where those who have had full-blown AIDS have recovered fully after taking the Aloe Vera Juice. There is hope for all who are suffering from HIV/AIDS and Cancer.

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Melanie A. Marshall said...

Thanks for sending me an invite to see/read these information. It is always good to get educated than be ignorant which is one of the main reason why we have so much problem in this world. Let's hope that many people find all of these information very essential for them and others as well. Thanks again for spreading the words my friend! God bless us all! ^Melanie^