Friday, October 17, 2008

From Torture to a Happy Meal

It is utterly amazing what really goes on in our world today. What is also amazing is how animals are treated before they become food on our plates. If I told you what it took to get that burger to your plate, that steak to your grill or that fried chicken in the bucket before you you wouldn't believe me. If I told you that those mouth-watering pictures of meat dishes came at the expense of a tortured or diseased animal you would say come on dude, stop kidding me. Many animals are viciously treated so that many can have mouth-watering meat dishes to eat. You have seen the commercial of a family sitting down at a restaurant about to dive into a burger and fries. If they only knew how that burger got there they would probably push it away.

I don't share this with because I worship animals, because I don't. I don't share this with you because I think that every person in the world should stop eating meat. I share this with you because my love for animals and mankind. We need to let the producers of these meat processing companies know that they can do a lot better than this. They are using chicken and cows to feed humans. They are not preparing this food for brute beast. Ask yourself I a I a brute best? I'm sure you answer no to that question. Then why should you let people treat you like one? You deserve high quality food not a steroid injected diseased piece of meat before you when you sit down to eat with your family.

There are over 600,000 meat processing companies in the United States. How many do you think are conducting business like this. Is this acceptable to you? You watch the video then make your decision. Then tell me what is so happy about his meal?

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