Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Talking Body - The Lips

This may sound like a funny subject to discuss, but I'll attempt to discuss it anyway. Lips, what are they used for? Lips are used for kissing and for express how one fills.
Lips are used to bring joy and happiness. When a person smile at you without showing their teeth it says that that person extending a greeting. That person is actually communicating a message to you. Our lips are used to talk for us when we refuse to say a word. The question I must ask is now that we know that we can used our lips to communicate with other; do our lips communicate with us?

Yes, our lips do communicate with us. I know that this may sound strange , bit it's true. When our lips are dry our lips could be saying a whole host of things.
Our lips could be saying:

Red lips or white lips that may burn slightly could a message that says:

* I'm getting too much wind (wind burned lips)
* I'm getting too much sun (white scaly lips,white or
red ring around the lips and mouth).
* I'm getting too much cold (white, chapped or peeling lips)
* I'm getting too much dry air or not enough water (dehydrated)
* I'm not getting the proper nutrition or I got some bad food.

Pumps and others odds things forming on the lips may be a message such as:

* That lip-balm is bad news
* That last person that you had sexual contact with has problems
* That something is going wrong inside the body

The lips communicate with us just like the skin and other parts of the body. We have realize that when the lips are talking we need to listen. We have to also learn that when we try to shut the lips up from talking by putting on lip-balm, lip-stick and licking them constantly is really doing the lips a dis-service. The lips are just doing there job, They are sending us warning signs that something is not right. Let's listen to our lips by taking care of the problem, so that when we see that special someone we can greet them with a healthy juicy smile.

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