Friday, February 6, 2009

Help For the Flu Season

It has become the norm to get sick during the end of fall and winter. I would say that many get a least two to three colds during this time. Is there any solution to this problem? Recently, I became sick and I search for something that would help me to get back on my feet. I went to the local store hoping to get something close to natural as possible. What do I mean by natural? Well, something that doesn't contain any meat or meat by products. I was also looking for something without alcohol, caffeine, high sodium content and addictive pain relieving chemical. I was hoping to find something that also didn't have a high level of sugar in it. High amounts of sugar will weaken the immune system.

I figured I would try these cough drops that look like they would be as close to what I was looking for. At the time I had chills, a scratchy throat, running nose and a number of other symptoms. When I took cough drops, at the time I didn't have a cough. I really only pick them up because of my knowledge on herbs. This product contained echinacea which is an immune system builder. In just three days I was up and running. On a few occasion since then whenever I felt my throat getting scratchy I would take one or two drops. This would knockout whatever was coming out every time.

I'm a firm believer that you shouldn't have to pay an arm an a leg for a quality product. The product that I purchase was by a company called Ricola. It was very inexpensive. The name of the cough drops is echinacea and honey. This is written on the package. It work for me, perhaps it will work for you also.

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