Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Beautiful Truth

You may have come to this page wondering what is the beautiful truth? In my opinion the beautiful truth is knowing something that can help you and give you hope where there was no hope before. When live in a world where we think that all of the answers are readily given. This is of course not true. It will shock you to know that some of the most brilliant minds are told to be quiet about their discovers that could change our world as we know it today. The sick can be heal, the poor can be made wealthy and peace can be attain without a shot ever being fired. Is this just a dream or reality? "The Beautiful Truth" is actually a documentary that touches just the surfaces of how our world can be forever change if mankind would embrace truth in regards to health.This change that I speak of is for the better.Unfortunately, this truth is being suppressed. But, I believe that one day this truth will find it's way to the halls of Washington, in the board room of business men and women and in the churches where members are dying in the pews. The reality is to reject this truth is means death, but to accept it means life for you and millions of others. Please feel free to tke a moment and decide for yourself.