Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Viewing Of Fork Over Knives

Recently, I saw film that really shook me at foundation. For years I have known some of the facts about food, diet and the meat industry that was presented in this film. What really shook me was that others now know what I know and more. The amazing thing to me about diet and the power that be is that they know the truth yet they continue to educate and promote that which is false. How we eat and what we serve others at the dinner table, restaurants and even at the local church meeting can have a profound effect on the lives of others physically,mentally and physiologically.The question that pop into my mind when I watched this film was now that I know the truth and have seen the proof what I'm I going to do about this. The question I ask is what are you going to do about this.Will you and I let our medicine be our food or will we let the choosing of wholesome foods be our medicine? Will we continue to live to eat or will we now eat to live? The viewing of "Forks Over Knives" is a wake up call not only about what we eat, but a wake up call to every single human being about the education that they have receive and will be receiving in the future. What are we learning? Who are our teachers? Do they really care about us or about the truth? As a child I heard it said that the love of money was the root of all evil. I have to ask myself the question if I was paid thousands of dollars would it bother me to tell a little white that could jeopardize the health of millions or hide a truth so powerful that it could change the world drastically for the better. When you see this film I hope that you will see that you did not come to this website by accident. You was sent here for a purpose. The truth that are presented in "Fork Over Knives" is for a purpose.It is to awaken you to this reality that you must seek out the truth in all matter concerning your life. Then you must make a choice because if you don't make a choice other will try to make them for you. Enjoy the film! Click here=> "Fork Over Knives"