Saturday, September 13, 2014

Is There A Solution For Ebola?

If you haven't heard there's a Virus is sweeping across West Africa that is called the Ebola Virus. Many families and neighborhoods are being devastated. The question that we must ask is what is the Ebola Virus? We can ask and answer this question with this question. What is a Virus? Wikipedia tells us this about a virus:

Is there a solution for a virus? Yes. Is there a natural solution for a virus? Yes. It's simple. If you build up the immune system the body will be able to fight the virus and get rid of the virus. Is this really true? Remember when you got the flu? What is the flu? Is it not a VIRUS, Influenza Virus. What did the doctor tell you to do?

1. Drink plenty of water
2. Drink plenty of fluids ( orange juice )
3. Eat plenty of fruits ( melons and grapes)
4. Most importantly the Doctor says get plenty of rest
5. Medication are mainly used to headache and pain.(Ibuproben)

Note, normally after a few days the person no longer has the flu by just following the first 3 prescribed remedies. In some cases aN anti-biotic is used. But according to some MEDICAL websites an anti-botic is ineffective. So, is this to say that I can get rid of a virus using the first 3 remedies? You can answer that question if you have ever had the flu. Of course this works because many of us have suffered from the flu in the past and there's evidence that we don't have the flu today. So, this bring us back to another Virus, the Ebola Virus. Is there a cure or a known solution for the Ebola Virus?

Well, I will let Dr. Rima Laibow MD answer this question for us all. Just click on the video below.

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